Judas and the Black Messiah

Judas and the Black Messiah ★★★★½

if daniel kaluuya does not win the oscar for best supporting actor, i will single-handedly shut down the academy. 

this movie was phenomenal. if i was a poet, maybe i could better find words to describe it. this movie was beautifully crafted, with *hopefully* award-winning performances, astounding score, and brilliant cinematography. 

my only wish is that it was a little bit longer. i’m baffled that i just typed that, considering i often wish movies were shorter. however, i would like to have seen more detail on the characters backgrounds. however, it did not bother me much considering how action packed and interesting the story was. especially since it had to cover so much in a certain time frame. 

i greatly appreciated the ending sequence, as it truly hits hard that this is a true story. it left the movie feeling way more impactful. 

lastly, i greatly appreciated that this movie did not sugarcoat or try and romanticize the struggles of the black panther party. not only was it a wonderful film, but extremely informative and accurate. 

i hope that this movie encourages others to read more into the black panther party and its impact on american politics, because it definitely did for me.

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