Moonlight ★★★★★

I went into Moonlight with extremely high expectations, after seeing many reviewers give it perfect or near perfect scores. And as I'm sure all of you know that usually means you'll end being slightly disappointed no matter how good of a movie it was. Fortunately that was not the case with Moonlight, this was perfect. Throughout the entire film I was in complete awe as I followed this seemingly real person go through life, and experience all these hardships. What made it so special was how real it all felt. It never dived into a lot of the tropes that these films tend to rely on. It was incredibly genuine, and heartfelt. A lot of that is thanks to the three actors who play Chiron, as a kid, as a teenager, and as an adult. If I had went into this film not knowing that these three actors were playing this one character, then I wouldn't of had any idea whilst watching the film. Each one of them did an absolutely breathtaking job. However what really made this film so great was Berry Jenkins direction. The fact that he was able to keep this movie flowing at such a consistent, and perfect pace is a feat within itself. And the cinematography was absolutely astonishing. The way the camera kind of floated around characters throughout scenes, and the lighting in certain scenes was just beautiful. If you haven't caught on by now what I'm trying to say is that this film is a masterpiece, and a very important one that I think everyone should see.

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