Love, Death & Robots: Automated Customer Service

Love, Death & Robots: Automated Customer Service ★★★

You ever heard that sort of legend about how the genesis of some Pixar projects took place on a table talk? Well I see a bunch of drunk animators talking nonsense at an after-party at someone's place as a robot vacuum cleaner lovingly called Steve dances between their feet as the genesis for Automated Customer Service. Yeah, that's more like it; less poetic yet more likely.

Machines not responding or not doing what they're supposed to do is no doubt in my top ten list of things I hate the most in the fucking world (number one is a fried egg with a popped yolk). Automated Customer Service knows this collectively shared aversion and throws some comedic horror to the A.I. out of control recipe with so horrible-so cool character design, (those tiny hands!, that adorable dog and it's creepy human teeth!) ingenious use of spaces, and despicable corporate practices.

A great first chapter that ends like most movies should end, suggesting that is not the end of the line but never, ever coming back to it.

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