Fight Club

Fight Club ★★★★

Before I get told I am breaking the first rule of Fight Club, Mr Beavis made me do this so have a go at him. 
For years I’ve been told to watch this movie, and I’ve always put it off, however after watching it today I was pleasantly surprised as it exceeded all my expectations!! 
As you’re introduced to the unnamed protagonist played brilliantly by Edward Norton, who suffers with insomnia, you get a sense of his mundane life working in a office with no fulfilment. After attending a testicular cancer group, and many more self-help groups to fix problems he doesn’t have and evidently fill the cracks of his broken life, he soon meets Marla Singer played by Helena Bonham Carter who is seen to be faking her problems for sympathy just as he is. This creates a rise out of Edward Norton’s character and he is soon introduced to Tyler Durham played by Brad Pitt and that is when they start their own fight club, a private place whereby men can fight each other and escape their tedious and bleak lives. 
Brad Pitt gives an incredible performance in this movie as he portrays Tyler Durham, a bold and beloved character who creates chaos throughout the movie. Tyler is know as a badass, who is envied by everyone including the audience, and manages to reside a dark side. I did not know that it was possible to fall in love with Brad Pitt even more, however after watching Fight Club I can say with confidence that I want him to have my babies. 
Do not let the length of this movie discourage you from watching as I can promise you that the 2 1/2 hours spent watching is cram packed with action, story, character development, twists and much more, which will leave you wondering how time went by so fast. 
Before watching I felt this movie was for men who love violence however now I can say that I truly understand why this movie is so popular as it’s overarching message, that people are trapped in life, and to quote from the movie “nothing is solved, yet nothing matters” just shows how the majority of society has everything that they have been told to want, yet still feel empty in their everyday lives. 
As someone who is very critical with the movies they watch, I can 100% say that I suggest Fight Club and that it is a must watch to everyone and that it will not be a waste their time.