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  • Nomadland


    Corporate created poverty-porn with just enough vague jabs at Amazon and just small enough of a non-white cast that it can make everyone from the most "concerned" Berniebro to the most "down-to-the-earth" Republican come away from this feeling like they "felt like it had something really important to say about America today!"

    Fuck this masturbatory Oscarbait dogshit. This is perhaps the worst film I have ever seen and I'm not going to bother reviewing this any further because it simply dosen't deserve the effort. 1/10

  • TFW No GF

    TFW No GF

    What a complete waste of time this was. The first thirty minutes seemed to be building to something truly important, but no, this sucks absolute fucking balls

    (I have to say this before I go on with this review, but Kyle and the moments with him are not being referred to in what I have to say about this. Kyle is a man with true, concrete problems here and I am not going to pretend I've lived a life in…