Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★½

i'm being cynical but what the HELL is the rating on here. (not like i'm surprised, this might be the first example of a movie that has been made to appeal to as many letterboxd users as possible.) this movie is basically a strange combination of in the mouth of madness and one of the early domestic ang lee dramas with the sense of humor of like taika waititi and you can genuinely tell that the russo brothers produced this, it feels like this weird marvelification of the a24 aesthetic down to all the quips and the MULTIVERSE and everything. but its two modes of family drama + wacky action sci-fi are just constantly undercutting one another at every turn. its quips / sense of humor constantly undercut any emotional stakes by winking at you and trying to get you not to feel anything too hard. the sci-fi is just like fine...... it could be worse, but a lot of the visual effects don't really work for me and at a certain point they have nested so much in there that i don't really care what's going on anymore, but that could be a me problem. i dunno, i'd read basically nothing but good things about this and am now sort of bewildered, but i'm sincerely glad people are getting so much out of it.

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