The One and Only Ivan

The One and Only Ivan ★★★

Thank god for Bob the Dog. If it wasn't for him, I would've been reaching for the Prozac or looking for the nearest bridge. This was darker and more depressive than I anticipated. Bob the Dog (perfectly cast Danny DeVito) really stole the show and provided the comic relief. Totally needs a Bob spin-off, as I got the feeling he's seen some shit.

The One and Only Ivan was a bit all over the place. Bryan Cranston was strong as always, though I sometimes found it hard to be engaged. Besides being dark, it was also very much a kids movie. Its use of flashbacks also served to break momentum and structure. They also provided an additional avenue of heartache - Disney really doesn't like parents and parent figures, eh?

The film certainly looks nice - especially the animals and use of colour. It all just seemed a little too shallow - until the end. The ending was fantastic, but didn't quite outweigh the overwhelming darkness of the rest.

The true story itself (featured in the credits) was more interesting than anything else. Despite its downfalls, it'll probably please most young viewers and is far from being a terrible film. Stick around at the end for a final appearance from our mate, Bob.

"Humans are the worst. Cockroaches have bigger hearts," - Bob the Dog.

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