Lightyear ★★★★

Lightyear - I watched Lightyear earlier in the week and I’m seeing very mixed reviews on it.

Personally, I loved this film. Toy Story is my favourite film of all time and I was absolutely buzzing to see this and to me it did not disappoint. I think this is such a great idea and a new spin on an already amazing film franchise. 

I honestly don’t think you could get a more perfect casting than Chris Evans for this role and he absolutely delivered. Just disappointed that Disney didn’t reach and out and ask me to voice, but what can you do. 

It was funny, emotional and introduced us to some amazing new characters, one of which is SOX. I think SOX might be one of my favourite characters that Pixar have created, he was fucking hilarious and stole every scene he was in. 

I also find it crazy how this film hasn’t been able to premier in some countries because of a certain scene/ relationship, like the world really is a fucking ridiculous place and I feel sorry that some people/places won’t get to experience this film. 

All in all, would highly recommend and suggest you see it and make your own mind up as like I say I’ve heard very mixed reviews, but me personally, I fucking loved it.

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