The Godfather

The Godfather ★★★★★

The Godfather is inserted, in its own way, in that nostalgic vein widely frequented by New Hollywood filmmakers, within which the classic genres are reworked and revitalized, according to a very explicit language, distant from previous stylistic and content conventions. The subject - the world of immigrants dedicated to crime - has in fact already been the basis of many films in the past, but thanks to the extraordinary talent of Francis Ford Coppola and Mario Puzo, and the superproduction characteristics of the project, the film can enjoy an unprecedented epic breath. The director reinvents the boundaries of the gangster-movie, placing them in the context of a majestic choral portrait that embraces more than one generation and which, narrating the story of a New York mafia family, reflects on the evils of American society, in which good and evil more and more they merge and confuse.

The Godfather is the most powerful and tragic family melodrama in the history of cinema. A film of family ceremonies (weddings, baptisms, funerals) that mix with a humanity made up of deceptions, betrayals and ferocity. Coppola masterfully emphasizes this moral ambiguity, for which on the one hand values such as a sense of honor and attachment to the family are defended, and on the other violence and murder are used to pursue one's ends. The wonderful protagonists (a successful amalgam of past stars and brilliant newcomers) are offered the space and time necessary to gradually give depth to their respective characterizations. Among these, it is impossible not to mention the monumental performance by Marlon Brando, who takes possession of the authoritative and feared mafia patriarch, giving him an absolutely unforgettable, tragic and painful consistency. No less important is the performance of Al Pacino, which expresses himself by well underlining the repressed fire and the inner restlessness of his character. At the end of the movie, the old and wise Vito Corleone will give way to his favorite son, just like the great star Brando will pass the baton to the young Pacino, an emerging star of a Cinema that will no longer be the same after The Godfather.

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