Enemy of the State

Enemy of the State ★★★★★

Tony Scott 11

Battle of the character actors. A Christmas movie and the potential continuation of The Conversation as 90s Bruckheimer/Scott action. 

Some of the most thrilling chase scenes I’ve seen this side of Carlito’s Way. Will Smith getting to play a contemporary Hitchcock hero with nuance. All the while with a (mostly) tight screenplay and Tony Scott’s (always excellent) stylistic flourishes.  

Not the biggest fan of the cheating subplot and the film would be better if that was excised, but otherwise this is another certified Tony Scott banger. Hackman (who is great) doesn’t even show up until nearly an hour in. 

Was a great double feature with Crimson Tide: another Scott/Hackman collaboration. Way ahead of its time, but some of you already knew that.

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