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  • The Whale

    The Whale


    The most entertaining thing about this 6pm screening was everyone in the Lyric Tiki lounge (myself included) munching on various dinner items - sometimes in unison with Charlie, sometimes holding off in awkward moments of solidarity when the corpulence got too high-impact.

    I've been wired to comb through debates on universal truths lately and I was easily provoked by all the sentimentality here. I'm afraid if you remove all the (interesting and seldom explored) entanglements of the New Life Church,…

  • Inside



    Nobody here but us pigeons, RIGHT?

    Premiere review - the meager turnout doesn't give this fantastic performance justice. See it, pay for it, make Vasilis happy.

    This past semester comprised of academic analysis of schlock and Korean film history has me craving shit like this and yes, it's great to consume with the added faculty of way too much film philosophy.

    Willem Dafoe going insane in various confined spaces is among my favorite genres. Barely any dialogue, this is the…

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  • Petya of My Petya

    Petya of My Petya

    Наистина се отличава като един от най-слабо написаните бг филми с най-лоша актьорска игра за които се сещам. Вие ми се свят като си мисля какви схеми са се въртяли в НФЦ за това недоразумение

  • Lilya 4-ever

    Lilya 4-ever


    I guess I can't go too long in my exploration of film without having the post-Soviet depression genre catch up to me. I don't mind that anymore, as it has so much to teach the average Joe. Moodysson's Lilya is such a clean, concise, beautiful example of that. I'm always abashed by how an enormous chunk of European society were driven to such dire straits, how certain monsters made it that way and how others exploited that. Most of all I'm humbled by how much this hits home. If you haven't felt thankful for where you are in a while, consider seeing this.
    Fly high, Lilya.