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This review may contain spoilers.

I haven’t watched anything that has raised my spirits to this level in a long time, and it’s so relieving. It’s a perfect encapsulation of how we can enjoy life even in the most mundane of situations. We may have to go through a rough patch to get there, but the ending is so rewarding. Obviously, the men made extreme sacrifices to complete the study of drinking excessively. I don’t think it was all in vain though, because they really learned from it. They learned self-control, and they rediscovered a part of them that they thought they had lost forever. They finally loved to live again, and eventually they figured out how to love it without alcohol. I thought it was genius how the men did it as a group. It wasn’t just one person going through pain and social problems, they were in it together. I think that makes the ending of this film so much more rewarding. They came out of their rough patch together, and they’ll have a bond that will likely never be severed. I don’t know, it’s just beautiful to me. 

Mads was absolutely incredible in this!! I also can’t wait to see more from Vinterberg, his directing style is exhilarating. 

Before watching this I saw the news about an American version of this in the works...why?? It makes absolutely zero sense, and in my opinion it’s an insult to this incredible film. I love Leo, but no.

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