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  • I Am Keiko
  • The Day of Destruction
  • The Needle
  • Нечистая сила

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  • Wedding Rose

  • Malice Mizer: Société de parenté

  • Angel at the Dump

  • The Rope

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  • Death Parade

    Death Parade

    the most misleading opening ever i am literally crying and they're dancing in purgatory fuck y'all

  • Mattoral


    k.g george created a movie about infidelity and very successfully avoided the route of a stereotypical preachy morality lesson with usual victim/culprit troupe. instead its a deep dive on the institution of marriage, how unhappiness doesn't necessarily emanate from within an individual but the source very well maybe the structure and society itself. everyone is a victim in these codified interactions and traditionalist ideas. the last 5 mins of the film... so beautiful....

    p.s don't read the synopsis here, it gives away way too much!!!!!!!!

Popular reviews

  • Silver Skates

    Silver Skates

    i need MORE on the ice skating marxist thugs less about the class traitor i ❤️ u yura borisov

  • Sandhya Raagam

    Sandhya Raagam

    thanking the universe for the random youtube suggestion, it's my pure luck to have chanced upon this. there have been many movies on urban rural dichotomy but this movie teared me up throughout.... maybe because it reminds me a lot of my childhood oscillating between kerala and delhi which were polar opposite realities coexisting simultaneously. very hard to encapsulate those emotions idk how balu mahendra managed to create something so warm yet poignant