"I am my own world, my starry course for me, I am the strange appearance of a comet that returns."
- Hans Jürgen von der Wense

Favorite films

  • Rehearsals for Retirement
  • Guilt
  • Epilogue
  • Unheimlich II: Astarti

Recent activity

  • The Sparrow Dream


  • “Der Klang, die Welt…”


  • Among the Eucalyptuses


  • Listening to the Space in My Room


Recent reviews

  • moon blink

    moon blink


    This is quite astonishing for the main reason of the uncertainty you have when you’re watching it. Sometimes shapes or lines will emerge seemingly out of nothing (yet totally within the flow of the film) and one may get have the feeling that these things are perhaps manifested on the screen because of the way your vision is reacting to the vertical movements and constant flashes of the film. Bubbles of clarity come from a strange blur. On top of…

  • Running Shadow

    Running Shadow


    “Who can dare to imagine what a single frame might contain? What future process could activate a single frame? What action could void its singular flatness and cause the necessary Collision? Could cause that collision which would animate the very contents of each, individual single frame?[...]Just as a cloud appears and then vanishes and is certainly a prediction undecipherable to human eyes; just as white caps on a rough lake begin and end their journey from a moment of calm…

Popular reviews

  • Mirror



    I can’t explain how I feel because my eyes are full of tears and my ears are full of Bach and my heart is full of joy.

  • Rehearsals for Retirement

    Rehearsals for Retirement


    Intensely melancholic, sorrowful, mournful.

    Reminded me of playing Minecraft as much as Grand Theft Auto, I still remember playing it and not even building anything or mining, getting food or fighting monsters. Just looking, seeing the virtual landscapes and the virtual sound and light falling over them.