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This review may contain spoilers.

For as long as I can remember, Godzilla and King Kong have been two of my favorite characters period. The fact that this movie exists is a miracle to me, and it blew my expectations out of the water. This is an epic, pulpy adventure that more than does justice to these iconic characters. There are two main fights between Godzilla and Kong, and they both have mind-blowingly great action. Both characters get a lot of time to shine. There is indeed a winner, and it is Godzilla! The victor pleases me, but what pleases me even more is that both characters survive and are eventually able to coexist with each other. This movie is stunning to look at, and everything in hollow earth is awe-inspiring. Mechagodzilla is indeed in this movie, and he is perhaps the most vicious iteration of the character. I love how Ghidorah's head controls Mechagodzilla, and the fact that Mechagodzilla goes rogue just brilliantly drives home the Monsterverse's themes of humanity being utterly incapable of controlling nature. Weakened from his fight with Kong, Godzilla is thrashed by Mechagodzilla. There is even a beam battle between the two, and it is glorious! When Kong teams up with Godzilla to defeat Mechagodzilla, it made me cheer. As with the other Monsterverse movies, the human characters don't bother me at all, and they serve their purpose in the story well. I really liked the Iwi girl, and her ability to communicate with Kong was nice. I absolutely adore the Monsterverse. Every movie offers something unique, and they are all incredibly satisfying.

#ContinuetheMonsterverse, please!

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