Exodus: Gods and Kings

Exodus: Gods and Kings ★★

Ridley Scott’s epic adventure. Christian Bale is Moses who, after learning of his Hebrew slave roots, is exiled from Egypt by friend-turned-enemy King Ramses (Joel Edgerton).

The story concerns Egyptian Princes Moses (Christian Bale) and Ramses (Joel Edgerton) who are brought up together as brothers. When Ramses converts to a pharaoh, Moses is his most-important adviser.

However it isn’t long before Moses discovers his Hebrew maternity, and Ramses throws him away to the desert – often a death sentence. But God has a task for Moses: Release the Israelites from slavery.

Moses comes back from expatriate and stresses that Ramses let his people go, but the egotistical ruler is unyielding, which results to a battle of celestial motivations.

Christian Bale gives an OK performance in his role as Moses, the man who isn’t that determined to get on with his task and his brother is being up to no good, while Joel Edgerton is alright as Ramses, the man who will not release the people from Israel.

Elsewhere, John Turturro, Aaron Paul and Ben Mendelsohn don’t offer much in their respective parts as Seti I, Joshua and Viceroy. Seti I is Ramses’s father, while Joshua is a descendant of Joseph and Viceroy is the man who meets up with and oversees the Hebrew slaves.

Sigourney Weaver and Ben Kingsley play the parts of Tuya and Nun respectively. Tuya is Seti I’s wife and Nun is Joshua’s father.

The direction from Scott is OK but it should have been better, such as showing more facial expressions to a stronger effect, while also having more of a tense atmosphere happening as well – this doesn’t occur much.

The script is written to an OK standard by Adam Cooper, Bill Collage, Jeffrey Caine and Steven Zaillian as it is weak in places and there are scenes that did not need to be in the final edit, so the duration didn’t need to be as long as it was and the pace is slow.

Overall, Exodus: Gods and Kings is an unsatisfactory Biblical drama, due to the OK performances, direction, weak script, slow pace, long duration and a lack of tension, action and character determination.

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