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  • A Better Tomorrow

    A Better Tomorrow


    A Better Tomorrow (1986)
    Sinegang Weekly Pick #25 by Philip

    “I’m the god. God is a human. Anyone will be god, if he can control his life.”

    A Better Tomorrow (1986) is an action drama film that follows the story of two brothers that lived their lives differently from each other — with Ho being from the underworld and Kit being in the law enforcement. After an ambush that resulted the death of their father, Kit swore to bring down his…

  • Anatomy of a Murder

    Anatomy of a Murder


    Anatomy Of A Murder (1959)
    Sinegang Weekly Pick #24 by Abby

    I’m gonna vent the inner nerd out of me with this trash take, so I have to shoot this right away. Seeing James Stewart as a defense attorney has been the most entertaining thing I’ve seen among all his roles, which is a 10x times better experience than playing as Phoenix Wright in Ace Attorney.

    Anatomy Of A Murder (1958) is a courtroom drama that entails defense attorney Paul…

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  • Snatch



    Snatch (2000)
    Sinegang Weekly Pick #7 by PioP

    Snatch is (I think) a comedy / trying-to-be-gangster film that is packed with wacky accents and some British humor I couldn’t relate to. Though the comedy isn’t the main point of the film, I still enjoyed the film’s humor better than its story because it made me forget that the crime thingamajig of the film unfortunately bored me. The crime story didn’t work for me because I thought that the focus of the…

  • Eat Drink Man Woman

    Eat Drink Man Woman


    Sinegang Weekly Pick #23 by Xena

    “What more can I say? What is ‘pity?’ Only when a heart feels dissatisfied can it feel pity.”

    Eat Drink Man Woman (1994) is a slice-of-life family drama that follows the story of an old master chef and his three daughters where each of them comes to face individuality as the family goes through significant changes in life. While the father faces the challenge of losing his sense of…