Seven Samurai

Seven Samurai ★★★★★

Journey to 1K: The Final Countdown #1000

One of my major faults as a reviewer is my penchant for soft hyperbole. A movie's ending isn't just good; no, it has to be "one of the best endings I've ever seen". A performance can't be committed without being "one of the most committed in history". No genre film can deviate from the norm without being "one of the most atypical of all time". I know I have a problem. I'm working on it. That said: Seven Samurai is quite possibly the single most entertaining film I have ever seen. Toshiro Mifune is, without question, the greatest physical performer in screen history. And I won't argue with anyone who calls Akira Kurosawa the greatest director of all time. I'd say more, but you've read it all before. Breathtaking, hilarious, moving, wonderful, and the perfect way to cap off this milestone in my film journey. Here's to the next thousand.

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