Hereditary ★★★★

Joan: You didn't kill her, Annie.
Annie: What?
Joan: She isnt gone.

When I heard that quote of “you didn’t kill her Annieshe isn’t gone” I knew something was up with that creepy ass lady. Honestly, wtf happened. I was expecting some gruesome ass scary motherfucking film and got a mystery mind fuck. Half the time I was wondering what the fuck the plot was, so much so by the end I had to watch a video explaining it and all I wanna ask is what the fuck is wrong with your head Ari Aster? Definitely needs some counselling or some shit for that. Anyways, I enjoyed it (I think). I feel like it’s gonna be a better rewatch then a good first watch. I will probably rewatch this sometime with someone or on my own fully knowing what the fuck is going on because this is a cult mind fuck that I wasn’t ready for. A what the fuck 4/5.

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