Pig ★★★★


Pig is not what it seems to be at first, and personally for me that unpredictable element was a pretty good thing.

Firstly, because this film is definitely not John Wick with a pig, and secondly because it has a style and tone that are exchanged in a surprising way, but that never seem out of place.
Not everything works in the best way, but it was an experience I enjoyed.

But let's be clear, there's no action here, nor is this a revenge thriller. Forget it.
I mean, the experience doesn't get boring, or at least that didn't happen for me, but I must stress it because even with certain elements of violence, Pig is a story of a man trying to regain the only thing he has left of the reclusive life he lives now.

The character apparently has a past that is mentioned, although not fully explored. But this is not essential to understanding him, because after all he's simply not the man he once was.
What remains of him and what is shown to us is the man who is doing everything possible to find his animal.

Nicolas Cage is not on this film to remind the public that he knows how to act. Those who have seen enough movies know what he can do.
It's just annoying not to see him like this more often.

Because of its style, Pig is a film that must be slowly digested.
It's not made with the disposition to please a mainstream audience and it doesn't try to.
It doesn't compromise its vision either, and it's clearly not afraid of disappointing the audiences who will be wrong about it.

It is what it is. Take it or leave it.

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