Hereditary ★★★★★


right, well. that.... happened. i literally just finished this and i’m kind of in shock for a few reasons, the main one being that this film did what it did, the second one being i wasn’t expecting to love it, and i did. 
i was lucky because i had no idea what to expect going into hereditary and although i was LOVING it i wasn’t that shocked until the last 15 odd minutes that totally caught me off guard. 
you guys know that horrors never scare me at all but hereditary made me feel incredibly unsettled all the way through, right from the start. can we talk about that SCORE. it was exceptional, one of the best scores i’ve heard for a while and possibly the best score of the year so far from what i’ve seen. right from the first shot there was an atmosphere which is quite rare nowadays especially with horrors. although i love horror as a genre i very rarely find myself giving them 5 stars, but hereditary is one of those rare films where you’re just gripped and can’t look away for the whole runtime, despite some scenes making you uncomfortable. 
the performances were all fantastic, toni colette you genius. 
i’m still processing the whole thing. i’m not entirely sure what that ending means but right now i like not knowing exactly what it means because holy shit does it do what it’s supposed to. i can still hear those chants.......

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