In the Heights

In the Heights ★★★★

I got invited to an early screening for this film today and I couldn't possibly have passed up the chance to go!!

Musicals return to the Big Screen!!! Some of the numbers near the beginning were a bit hit or miss. But after the number at the pool (96,000), which is honestly the highlight of the entire movie, the numbers are consistently fantastic!! What makes Lin such a great artist, to me, is the way he is able to constantly keep up the audience's serotonin with his powerful words and musical progression. Every lyric leaves you hanging on this constant thread of bubbling excitement that shines through in literally every single scene, even the more somber ones, which could sound like a bad thing but it really isn't. Jon M. Chu was a great choice to direct this because he really brought Lin's powerful lyrics to life on the cinematic canvas through immaculate choreography, framing, and formalist iconography that really packed a punch when paired with Lin's music. Honestly, it's just a really great movie with a really wonderful and resonate message about home being where you make it. It's a celebration of life and the little things we take for granted. Its infectiously passionate spirit is true and pure all the way to the very last note you hear blare from those theater speakers. And if you know me, then you know I've been waiting for another movie musical for a while, and this one is definitely a winner! Watch this with the biggest crowd you possibly can! It's absolutely phenomenal with a crowd!

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