Sick ★★½

Well folks, we finally have one. A slasher film that set entirely during the infamous pandemic of 2020. So that means you get plenty of characters wearing masks on their faces, plenty of people saying “Where’s your mask?” and an actual COVID test on screen. 

I know the pandemic is crucial to the plot including having the motivations for the killer, but I thought the dialogue was a bit heavy handed on reminding us that the film is set in the pandemic. It makes sure to touch on a lot of aspects such as people who didn’t care for the precautions and guidelines set out by the CDC, and even features news footage of Anderson Cooper during the pandemic. But I often found these annoying and caused some eye rolls on occasion. 

As for the actual horror element, there were some creative uses of the camera and I liked how you could see the killer moving throughout the background of shots. However, with this being a slasher none of the kills felt like they were worth it. Almost none of the characters were actually likeable so I was waiting for them to get killed off the majority of the time. As for the kill’s themselves, they were pretty lackluster with nothing really new or unique, which is a shame coming from the writer of Scream. 

All in all, it’s a fun little flick to throw on with some friends but not much more than that.

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