Spencer ★★★★½


Not particularly caring for the royal family it's shocking how close I was to not seeing this absolute gem, a now easy contender for my favourite film of the year.

A stunning score (Greenwood u legend), gorgeous, symbolically rich cinematic images, soul pounding, intensely inspired sequences and a simply awe-inspiring, career-defining performance from Stewart combine to make one of my favourite cinematic experiences of the year so far.

The images here are beautifully composed and frequently potent while Stewart's deep, personal and emotional connection to her role never failed to be heart-wrenching. The harmony of components, immaculate pacing, and subjective editing was all nothing short of... completely brilliant.

Or at least I thought so, my fellow cinemagoer a row behind clearly felt differently after loudly complaining to her friend about how 'whingey' Stewart' performance had been. The very second the screen cut to black... Oh well, can't please everyone. Go see this film.


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