Aftersun ★★★★★

my dad has always been there for me since i was little. he’s watched me take my first steps. he’s watched me say my first words. he’s watched me accomplish many things throughout my small life and honestly i can’t imagine a life without him, it scares me. 

he would always and still does say that my head is huge and when calum said that about sophie, a flood of nostalgia entered my mind. the memories i’ve spent with him as he drove me and my sister to school. where me and him would sit down an draw in a cafe while my sister and mum shopped for what felt like eternity. where we spent nights watching films. when we decided to watch fight club on a late night which became my favourite film. the many times he’s taught me what his job is and the many times i have forgotten. the many times he tells me the facts the morning after watching a movie with him because he spends his minutes after watching a movie with me to read articles about them. 

this movie brought many memories to mind; like spending many deep and euphoric conversations with my dad. how we’d sit on a table, a cold pint of beer for him and a icey cold sprite spread across the table as the sun shone down on us, the aftersun protecting me from it that my dad had put on me earlier as i complained. the way he’d try to make me laugh while i was sad. the way he’d let me sit with him on the sofa when i couldn’t get to sleep some nights and tickle my arm as he watched one of his gameshows. the way he’d turn the tv volume down so low just so i couldn’t hear it at night and could sleep peacefully.

my dad is someone who has always been there for me even if it forcing a plaster onto me while i refuse to let go of the daunting scab on my leg. the way he tries to always make me happy and how he always checks on me, makes me eternally grateful for him to be my dad - i’m a one out of two very lucky daughters.

so thank you dad for always trying to make a smile grow on my face.

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