Zodiac ★★★★½

Zodiac is a movie that I have always admired and loved. As far as procedurals go I'm afraid it doesn't get better than this. Few directors rival Fincher's attention to details. Whenever I watch this it renews my interest in the case. Going down a rabbit hole of YouTube videos, conspiracy theories, news reports, articles. You know, time well spent. It's just the effect it has on me. Making an already compelling subject even more so. Like Spotlight and The Social Network it takes a talky script (or some would call dreary) and converts it into an exercise in rhythmic interchange. It's the kind back and forth that makes you feel smarter. I heard Fincher asked the actors to speak their lines faster than they normally would to shorten the running time. And yes Zodiac is long at nearly 3 hours but really not one second is wasted. Time flies when you are this invested.

Also between this, No Country For Old Men, There Will Be Blood and Atonement what an year 2007 must have been for movies!

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