I don't even know the right words to put in this review.
8½ is straight up art.

Cinema been told at its finest.

Nothing like I was expecting it to be, Fellini was truly able to put me inside of Guido's shoes, really related to the character in a magical way. Something not many directors can do to me.

Did I undestand everything of it? Hell no!
This is the type of movie that every time you watch it you will start noticing new things. So with a rewatch, I might love it even more.

We can't never escape the past.

8½ truly made me feel perplexed and amazed. What a work of art.

One of those movies that I'll definitely want to show to my kids.

Something tells me, my dad haven't seen this one. The Italian cinema lover he is, I feel the need to show it to him.

Also my very first Fellini, seems like a guy I'll admire for the rest of my life.

My recent diary its only 5s, don't mind me only watching master pieces.

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