Encanto ★★★

So Disney Released three now Oscar Nominated animated features last year and today I watched all three starting with Encanto.

It should come as no surprise that it looks good, cause of course a Disney animated movie is gonna look good. I likes the colors and the animation, especially during the musical sequences. It all looked very nice, the character design was also good and I liked all the flowers.

The songs didn't do a lot for me, I thought they were fine. We don't talk about Bruno is the only that stuck with me, and that might also because I've heard it on TikTok a million times by now, but it's still a pretty good song.

I'm gonna be totally honest here I didn't really care for any of the characters. The main character was nice and all, but I really didn't care for her. The only character I liked was the Cousin with food hearing, she was very cool.

Thew story is fine and obviously being a Disney movie it has a nice little message in it sure to make kids feel better about themselves flaws and all and realized everyone is special and all that good stuff.

Overall I thought it was fine, but out of the three Disney animated movies I watched today I is probably my lead favorite and I wouldn't say I'm rooting for this to take home the Oscar.

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