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  • Cool Hand Luke
  • Scream
  • Tenet
  • RRR

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  • Beetlejuice


  • Cursed


  • The Babysitter: Killer Queen


  • Halloween Ends


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  • Beetlejuice




    Great laughs, good atmosphere and one of Burton’s best casts.

  • Cursed




    It’s a shame that this seemed to be “production hell” for almost everyone involved, but the duo of Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson can always deliver some entertainment, despite the halts that it had. The cast definitely helps, with Christina Ricci and Jesse Eisenberg being very entertaining with their roles. It sucked that there had to be a bunch of re-writes or re-shoots and seemingly forced CGI. While I did have fun, and got some good laughs, I could only imagine how much better it would’ve been with the version Craven and Williamson intended this to be.

Popular reviews

  • The Shining

    The Shining



    "I'm not gonna hurt ya, I'm just gonna bash your brains in".

    I'm not gonna tell you how good The Shining is, I'm just gonna tell you that if you haven't seen this horror classic, then you must... or I'm gonna bash your brains in.

  • Mission: Impossible – Fallout

    Mission: Impossible – Fallout



    This is what made all of the hours watching 1-5 of the Mission: Impossible series in a day even more worth it. I've heard nothing but praise about this film, so I made sure to do it right and go see it in IMAX. And I'm so glad to say that Mission: Impossible- Fallout is not only one of the best action movies of the last 20 years, but my favorite film in the Mission: Impossible series.

    Tom Cruise…