Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3 ★★★½

“Look at little Goblin Junior, gonna cry?”

You’ll get your rent when you fix this damn door!”

“Stings doesn’t it.”

"You Know, I Guess One Person Can Make A Difference."

"Whatever Comes Our Way, Whatever Battle We Have Raging Inside Us, We Always Have A Choice. My Friend Harry Taught Me That. He Chose To Be The Best Of Himself. It's The Choice That Make Us Who We Are And We Can Always Choose To Do What's Right."

“You want forgiveness? Get religion.”

“I protected you in high school now I’m gonna kick your little ass.”

“I guess you haven’t heard. I’m the sheriff around these parts.”

“See yah Chump.”

Spider-Man 3 is a banger straight up. If your expecting me to sit here and trash this movie like a lot of people do and say how much worse it is than the first two, than you got me wrong. I genuinely think this is a good movie. Now that doesn’t mean it’s not flawed cause it very much so is. Every movie has its issues but it all comes down to how much they affect your overall experience. And I’d be lying if i said I didn’t have a smile on my face for the majority of the time I’m watching it. Tobey Maguire is as good as ever. At this point it’s just light work for him. If I met him in real life(which would be a dream btw) I’d probably call him Peter by accident lol. He IS Spider-Man. I love where we pick up with him. His friendship with Harry is gone since he found out about Peters identity. You feel the beef between them.

He’s at the point where he wants to propose to Mary Jane finally which makes sense. Peter going to Aunt May for advice is so heartfelt and those are the moments that make the Raimi trilogy stand above most comic book movies. He knows exactly how to pull on your emotions and he always pulls it off. The relationship between him and Mary Jane is rough yet again. I really like what they do with her in this movie maybe even more than 2. She is struggling with her acting career and everytime she talks to Pete about it he usually makes a comparison to his reputation as Spider-Man and all the negatives that come with that as well. You actually sympathize with her the most in this one and understand where she is coming from. I felt her anger multiple times when Pete would act like he understands exactly what she is going through when in reality, nobody’s problems are on the level of Spider-Man’s.

Harry has become beyond furious and enraged and wants vengeance for his father. His arc is what honestly makes this movie so engaging. He should’ve been the main villain undoubtedly. It would’ve been so cool to see that movie made by Sam from the beginning. His character just has all the best aspects here. While I’m not fond of the amnesia plotline as it’s a pretty lazy way of putting him to the side to focus on Sandman in the middle of the movie, it allows for some of the best scenes in the movie. Their fight at his house is freaking awesome! Raimi knows how to direct brutal PG-13 fight scenes and it makes me so happy. The choreography is excellent plus their banter is endlessly quotable on top of that. Im basically laughing while they are kicking each other’s ass. This is possibly the most quotable movie in the trilogy. That’s saying something too since the previous two are so much as well.

But their fight is also really depressing too. Seeing how far Peter has fallen due to the symbiote and how much he lets his ego get in the way is crazy for sure and a real wake up call. I’ll just mention now. I like the way he acts when he becomes emo. I mean he is a prick here and there for sure at times, but like the dancing down the street and the bar scene I love. I don’t just love them cause of the memes either. Like it’s hilarious don’t get me wrong, but it’s exactly the way a nerd would try and act cool. I’ve always looked at it that way so I don’t have the same problems others do with it. All of action is somehow arguably even better than the second. Raimi continues to craft something fresh and doesn’t redo anything and that’s very important for me on a personal level for my love of action.

For example, when Harry and Peter fight for the first time and he doesn’t have his suit on, my eyes are glued to the screen. Seeing Peter Parker swing through NYC at night without his suit is so badass but also realistic and up to this point in time, something we had never seen before. Now let’s talk Sandman. Thomas Hayden Church gives a really compelling performance. You can tell that Raimi actually liked his character since he is given way more attention and care than Venom. He just wants to help his daughter and you can see he is clearly a good man at heart. Maybe this is a hot take but I don’t dislike the Uncle Ben retcon. The amount of characters Raimi was forced to put together in this and somehow try and make it all work makes me appreciate how solid of a job he really did. It also unlocks the anger within Peter and gives him even more of a personal reason to go after Flint himself.

That sewer sequence with Pete in the black suit is so fire. We’ve never really seen this side of Parker. I mean he was intentionally trying to kill Marko and yes the suit has big part in making him act this way but a big part of him wanted to do it as well. Hints to when he talks to Aunt May and tells her Spider-Man killed Flint. He got the revenge he thought he deserved and this is when Aunt May has to keep Peter in check yet again. Should I even talk about Venom? Nah I’m kidding I will but yea he’s the worst part of the movie obviously. Raimi has made it very open he didn’t want him in this movie and you can tell from the execution. Topher Grace isn’t terrible but he’s a really odd casting choice. I’ve never found him all that believable or menacing to be real. He also becomes Venom in such a convenient way and much like Peter, just roles with it and doesn’t seem to care or question anything.

I found that to be pretty dumb to have both Peter and Eddie get the symbiote and just switch up so quick. I will say though that I have always loved the Venom design in this. Like it’s probably my favorite in live action. That’s not exactly saying much but I always thought his look was so badass in this even if he isn’t bulky like he should be. Topher just doesn’t have that villainous presence you expect either especially when you are trying to do one of the best marvel villains of all time. He is definitely not to blame for this, that would be the studio’s fault. It makes me especially angry since the first two are superhero masterpieces in my mind and I know this could’ve been possibly the best! I would never doubt Raimi since it’s passion for these movies is so strong and I have full confidence this would’ve been a perfect trilogy without any interference.

Even with that being said though, this is still one of my favorite trilogy's so that tells you how much I enjoy this movie! Gwen Stacy is in this as well. Man they shoved way too much into this dang movie. Um she’s fine. She is only their to give motivation towards Eddie against Peter and that’s it. Gwen Stacy is an amazing character as we saw in the TASM movies so it’s a shame to see her shoehorned into this and wasted. One of the most special things this movie does though is the way it presents the theme of forgiveness. Whether it’s with Sandman or Harry, the message hits so hard for me and I always tear up at both of them. Before I wrap up this review, I do want to talk about a couple small moments throughout the movie that I don’t like that I haven’t mentioned already.

The first being the scene where Flint falls into the sand pit machine thing. Um, these scientists or whoever they are thought a bird caused the mass change issue? Pretty stupid. The scene with the cop holding the shovel looking down at the sand pile is something that I never noticed until I was older. Wtf is he doing 😂? He thinks Flint is hiding under the sand and he’s gonna just ram into the sand like that’s going to accomplish something?? Makes no sense. I said this earlier already but when Pete gets the black suit and just accepts it, it’s kind of confusing. I mean you could make the argument that random things happen in peoples lives all the time and when we notice we don’t always question it if it’s in our favor, but I think that would be me giving the film more credit in that department than it was intending to do.

Finally, and this one I’m more mixed than negative on, Harry’s butler decides after all these years later to tell him that his Father died from his own glider. This bugged me more on this rewatch than ever before. The reason i say im mixed is because I can understand to a degree why he would wait so long. It’s not easy I guess to lay information out like that but at the same time, im thinking to myself how much all the conflict would have never happened if he said this earlier. Im surprised how calm Harry is here as well. I thought he would be more pissed off no matter how much his Butler has been there for him. So as you can tell, as much as I like this movie, I do have quite a few issues with it.

It’s no where near perfect, but I admire how hard Raimi tried with what he was given and made to do. The highs of this movie are on the same level as the first two and I think people look past that too often. Harry and Pete teaming up in the third act is so satisfying and as a conclusion it lands for the most part. I get why people are more hard on it yet I’ll never understand those who hate it. Give credit to what it gets right even if the problems it has are more glaring for you than me! Even though I think by the end it works as a finale, I do hope for a Spider-Man 4. I’d love to see where these characters are at 20 years later and Raimi deserves to pull off one last one and do what he wants to the fullest!

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