Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

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This review may contain spoilers.

“You can’t outrun who you really are.”

Shang Chi was a great time. This was one that was in my top ten most anticipated of the year mostly due to the fact that it was marvel film. And the reason I say that is because the trailers for this movie did it no justice. But I can say this is one of the better MCU films for sure. The one thing I was most excited to see was the hand to hand fight scenes. Being that it’s a marvel film, I didn’t expect it to be all that great, but I was wrong. These were the best hand to hand fight in the MCU for sure. Some could still argue Winter soldier did it best, and I agree winter soldier is great, but I think Shang chi did it better. That bus fight is probably my fav part of the movie. It really gave off Jackie Chan vibes at times. It was intense, had the best choreography i feel like out of all the sequences, and the soundtrack was AMAZING.

Even though it was my fav, all of the action sequences were very memorable in their own way. Now let’s talk about the cast. Simu Liu as Shang Chi was awesome. He is definitely a character I want to see so much more of in the future. He is such a likable character due to his personality, but also on an emotional level once you learn of his backstory. Awkwafina was also a big standout. She was a great addition to the cast and only made interactions better. Now the most surprising performance and probably best performance, was Tony Leung as the Mandarin. It’s not often within the MCU sadly that we get such great and memorable villains, but Leung just nails it as one of the better ones. I just loved how this film felt so different in its execution and didn’t just follow the marvel formula we are used to seeing.

It felt like it’s own thing but also stayed true to a couple key elements that make a Marvel film. The humor is still heavily present at times for one which worked for me but may not for others. There’s a big cameo that happens and you think that character is going to be done after that scene but actually stays around for pretty much the rest of the film. It didn’t bother me personally, but I could see fans saying it felt like forced humor. Also the first post credit scene really got me excited for what is to come with Shang Chi. All in all, I’m happy to say Shang Chi delivered on pretty much everything I wanted it to with quite a few surprises along the way.

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