Malignant ★★★½

Malignant is a very fun and effective horror film. I can’t say i’m surprised at all by how much I enjoyed this as James Wan has continued to show his talent in the horror genre for some time now. This film was a lot more crazy then I expected it to be and I really liked it because of that. It has its cliches for sure and not the best dialogue, but it’s also very fresh and original as well. The first two acts is us as the audience trying to figure what’s going on with our main character and basically trying to understand. Then that third act hits and it’s definitely going to be a controversial one I feel like, but for me it absolutely worked.

The twist is so creative and completely unpredictable which was shocking. There is a scene that I will not spoil but it is an absolute blast towards the end that was the best part of the film. It is choreographed the same way Wan has done in his other films and it just reminds me why I love it so much. I also really liked the cinematography and the use of color really made the visuals stand out in a positive way. The score was another big surprise as it fit the film so well. Overall, this was a very solid horror film that showcases some nice scares, a unique story, and one third act that kicks ass. I’m also really tired right now so tried to write this quickly.

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