only jus started rating again. If I gave it 3.5 or over then I really like and respect it.

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  • Copenhagen Cowboy

    Copenhagen Cowboy


    watched in one sitting.

    Completely nonsensical script but still truly amazing. Too Old to Die Young is one of my favourite pieces of any art so had to give this my full attention. I admire Refn's complete disregard for rules.

  • Scream



    Absolutely love how much of a moron the killer is.
    Almost feels like Wes is reminiscing youth here, and channels it through satirising the pop culture trend of 80s horror and the teenager’s craze around it all. There’s a scene where a policeman, gun drawn, enters a house after a massacre and violent screaming is heard from the living room, only to be revealed as from Halloween being played on the TV - this is a perfect encapsulation of what the whole script is about in my opinion. Reality and movies merging.
    Wouldn’t even call this horror. Definitely more comedy. A true classic.

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  • Ikiru


    "It's our human duty to enjoy life."

    My first Kurosawa has left me astounded. Ikiru - meaning 'To Live' - successfully crushes that ever-so-reputable challenge in making the audience think about life yet still remain as an artistic escape for them. It made me think about my future and my past, it made me think about family and friends, it made me think about you - it didn't once make me think about the year this was made; Ikiru never…

  • American Psycho

    American Psycho

    "I'm into, uh, well, murders and executions, mostly."

    I am not hesitant whatsoever when I say that American Psycho is the most feminist movie ever made.
    It's 100 minutes of mocking men...and it's done beautifully.