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  • Carlos



    Guerrilla war struggle is a new entertainment 

    Gang of Four- 5:45

    Terror itself is a commodity. There is value in the violence. Not the aftermath- the extinguished life, nor the damaged structure. The value of terror is in the spectacle. Carlos shoots right between the nose, not for effectiveness, but for the brutal spectacle. As often we expect from the movies pink mist sprays out from the back of their heads, but here it is real. We are consumers of…

  • Burning



    Perfectly captures the essence of Murakami. A dreamlike trance that makes you question what is real and what is paranoia. The droning of the sleepy jazz, and the muted vibrance of the dusk created and atmosphere that perfectly matched this story. The first half while somewhat visually similar to the rest of the movie perfectly flows from a light, yet well written drama, into  the hitchcockesque nightmare near the end. This film felt like a fever dream in the best way possible.

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  • Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One

    Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One


    This movie is to that submarine implosion what Donnie Darko was to 9/11

  • I'm a Virgo

    I'm a Virgo


    The place that this piece occupies is very complicated and ambiguous. On one hand it is a critique of the hyperreal facade that capitalism and its effects on media have constructed for us. But if you take a step back, it is produced and distributed by Amazon, one of the main perpetrators of this very hyperreality. Boots Riley’s past and earnestness make me think his intentions are in the right place, but it it is impossible for a company as…

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  • Oldboy



    A few month before watching this my friend spoiled it for me, he probably doesn’t remember 

    He probably doesn’t think very much of it

    One day he will disappear 

    He will spend fifteen years locked in a hotel room eating fried dumplings 

    Then find himself drawn towards a certain woman at a sushi bar...

    Keep your mouth shut

  • Drive



    This whole movie wouldn’t have happened if the driver wasn’t such a huge simp