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  • Magical Mystery Tour

    Magical Mystery Tour


    I love, love, love this movie. I’ve seen it four times now and I’m ready to call it one of my favorite films of all time, which I know is a weird take because even most die hard Beatles fans can’t find it within themselves to say much good about this movie. However, I’d argue this is their best of the five core films, and one of their finest accomplishments all together. 

    I’ll start with the fact that Magical Mystery…

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  • Eternals


    went to the theater to see belfast but i showed up late and this was the only other thing playing at the time that i hadn’t seen, so i caved in. anyway this is the single most lifeless film i have ever seen and it is far and away the worst thing that not just the mcu, but marvel as a whole has ever been involved with. 

    shoutout to the opening scene though that uses this indie underground song you probably have never heard of called time by pink floyd. that’s some real displacement (dir. Zach Franker) energy right there 🔥🔥

  • The Irishman

    The Irishman


    i look forward to watching this every November of my life until the day i die

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  • Notes from Melanie

    Notes from Melanie


    At the end of 2014, I watched Chris Stuckmann’s video of the best films of the year. I forget how I came across the video or why I even watched it, because I really didn’t care about movies at all then. But I did take a few recommendations from that video that looked interesting to me like Whiplash, and I ended up loving them. I began to watch his content regularly, and through seeking out more of the films he…

  • Megan Is Missing

    Megan Is Missing


    cw // sexual abuse

    My jaw dropped in disbelief when I opened Twitter yesterday only to see that Megan Is Missing was trending. 

    A couple years ago when I was watching some of the “most disturbing movies ever made,” I avoided this one because pretty much everyone who had seen the film has regarded it has one of the worst movies ever made. Hearing that the film had recently gone viral on TikTok of all things is still baffling to…