Halloween ★★★★★

A movie I watched day-after-day afterschool in my youth. Its just so relaxing & atmospheric to this day. The premise is so simple to the point of minimalism. The cliffhanger is like an anti-cliffhanger. Carpenter blew his wad with the character so you just need to never continue the story. The Shape is out there stalking and killing teenagers, no hard explanation needed.

2 things stick out: Carpenter ripped off a lot of the film's style from SUSPIRIA which he was obsessed with. Virginal girls being stalked at school to droning synth was Dario's fetish first. And TEXAS CHAINSAW deserves credit for the "fated" relationship between the killer & final girl, tho no one ever seems to pick up on it. Its a big shock that Sally escapes Leatherface because Hooper set up 1000 omens that she would die. That was hugely original. Carpenter, being a huge movie nerd & stylist, borrowed alot of that stuff from those "proto slashers". He just matched it to a suburban world and a celebrity actress, which was brilliant.

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