Ma ★★★★

Ok I went into this thinking this was going to be awful. I mean seriously, have you seen the trailers for this? I thought it was going to be awful and stupid. I called my mom up afterward and asked her about this and she said, "I mean, that does happen. Lonely middle-aged people think they'll feel better when they do this." And I mean I was fucking astounded. People actually do this shit.

I mean, when Andy's dad called her a loser, I was like, "Eh, he's not wrong." This whole movie I was like, what adult hangs out with a bunch of teenagers. Granted I'm 18 right now, and I personally don't relate to people my age, BUT I would also recognize how weird it would be for me to hang out with a group of 40-year-olds. It's just strange, but it is not as pathetic as a 40-year-old hanging out with a bunch of teenagers. Seriously. SERIOUSLY.

But despite this bothering me, I mean I really enjoyed it. I thought that it was laughably good. It was cringy at times, but cringy in a good way. I mean when she videos them and is singing, "Don't make me drink alone." I was both like "Lady shut up," but I was like, "Ohmygosh she's FUCKED." AND SHE KNOWS SHE'S FUCKED, TOO, AND THAT ALMOST MAKES IT EVEN BETTER. Another good example of fantastic cringe. She hits one of her former classmates with a car and it was SOOO SOOO sudden. Everyone in the audience was laughing and having such a good time watching that, especially moments like that.

I described this to my mom as an instant cult classic and also, "If Carrie let everything stew in her for 20 years and then lashed out" because that's what this was, and it was so much fun. The cast had great chemistry, and you can tell they all had really fun making the movie, too.

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