Spencer ★★★★★

i like that little shimmy she does when she walks 

kristin stewart was PERFECT. she truly transformed into the character, whether that character was accurate to diana or not, she put her all into becoming a princess forced to live in a family that did not want her, living in fear for what her fatal end would be. 

through the lens of pablo we got to see and feel the pressures of the character, with not too much dialogue to walk the audience through each meaning and subtle stares through each character, pablo created this layer of anxiety and ambiguity over the whole movie to heighten the emotions shown through every scene. 

i have no clue how accurate this portrayal of diana was, but as a movie alone, without putting so much weight on accuracy of historical events, i can say this is DEFINITELY gonna be in my top 5 movies of 2021. i can’t wait to see kristin take on similar projects in the future and sweep some awards!!!!

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