Noises Off...

Noises Off... ★★★

I do enjoy this adaptation of Michael Frayn's play, but I wish it had not been switched to America, and that there was more of the classic standard farce throughout. It's just something Brits do naturally.

The worst theatre company in the world put on the lamest play in the world and the results are good, but this is far from a five-star effort. Caine is on top form, Elliott is a joy, Burnett and her sardines are fun, Reeve is endearingly vague, and Sheridan's dumb actress with Ritter's nervy agent make an amusing pair.

As this has problems, mainly because it does not translate that well to the screen, I am demoting it to three stars in this rewatch, and I would recommend that you catch a live stage version of this as and when it is revived.

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