You don’t see a masterpiece everyday, but 8 1/2 is just that. Watching a Creative’s work fall apart as well as his life around him, proves to not only be a relateable experience (in some ways more than others) but also proves to be so inherited tragic that I couldn’t look away. The memories that haunt the lead character flow in and out as the film progresses proving to be quite ahead of its time (‘63). There are so many shots that stop you in your tracks- a cinematography dream. The bath sequence alone deserved an Oscar (it did win Best Foreign Film and Best Costumes) The lighting and imagery is so intentional that it caused audible outbursts from me. Ha! A scrumptious film from start to finish. I would love to see a visionary director (maybe Jean-Marc Vallée, Denis Villeneuve, or Paul Thomas Anderson perhaps?) revisit this story and bring it to modern audiences. It is a story that will last for he ages.

“Because he doesn’t know how to love.”

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