The Killing of a Sacred Deer

The Killing of a Sacred Deer ★★★★½

probably lanthimos' best so far. i was warned quite a few times how messed up this film is so i went in and expected a shitshow but the quietness really struck me, so much so that i was lulled into thinking "hmm, that's not that bad" after it ended. twenty minutes later i threw up.

it's this creeping sense of dread that the film embodies so well, especially in the masterful use of framing and camera movements. the only thing i didn't like was probably the sound cues during the first hour - thought they were a tad over-the-top, but that might be a personal thing.

i don't want this film explained. like the central plot device i want elements of it to remain inexplicable, so the mystic dread it elicits remains. like the best horror films this one makes me begin to feel paranoid over the most everyday things, like the sound of footsteps.

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