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  • Scales: Mermaids Are Real


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  • Scales: Mermaids Are Real

    Scales: Mermaids Are Real


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    A bad but fun light comedy adaptation of Romeo & Juliet but without the kissing and with more violence.

    "Are all the teachers mermaids?"
    "Ah no, some of them are half breeds"

    "For a grown man you sure spend a little of time studying mermaids, you know?"
    "It's my life's work, actually"

    "Hey this is Brody, track me and send a team. We've located the mermaid house"

    Some of the worst character decisions in movie history.

    This movie is straight up…

  • Bigger Fatter Liar

    Bigger Fatter Liar


    This literally isn't a bad movie, I think you are all insane. Does he really have the Christmas episode?

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