Gummo ★★★★★

"I want a moustache, damn it!"

Harmony Korine is nihilistic Terrence Malick who's high on glue. You can't find anything like Gummo, Spring Breakers or Julien Donkey-Boy, his movies show the most hideous parts of human nature, they're raw and disturbing but Korine always manages make them look aesthetic in their own peculiar way, but nonetheless they're humane, he can find some kind of beauty in the ugliness and depravity of the worlds he makes his films about. In Gummo he shows lives of lowlives from Ohio but he doesn't trying to humiliate them in any way, he kinds/sorta sympathizes them, those children aren't guilty of anything, guilty are the people who neglect to see problems in these parts of America, who sell violence and war to children from their birth, who make drugs look cool, Korine makes a very strong, exaggerated and important social commentary with Gummo in such a way that only he could do. And as a conclusion, here's what Werner Herzog said about Gummo and Harmony Korine: "When I saw a piece of fried bacon fixed to the bathroom wall in Gummo, it knocked me off my chair. [Korine's] a very clear voice of a generation of filmmakers that is taking a new position. It's not going to dominate world cinema, but so what?

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