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  • The Mummy

    The Mummy


    definition of bi-panic

  • Titane



    julia ducournau's deranged mind of a visionary takes an idea of hunger for flesh on a whole new level of fucked up that can remind you of cronenberg's crush, tetsuo: the iron man but for me mostly of miike's gozu. both have characters who in the beginning are being seen as men, but later in a movie we see them as women while criticizing hyper-masculinity in yakuza (gozu) or fire department (titane). for obvious reasons gozu has more disturbing and…

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  • Kids



    List of things I learned from this movie:

    1) Harmony Korine is really great in his own exploitative and nihilistic way.
    2) How to steal.
    3) How to roll a joint.
    4) All bros are nasty fucking homophobes.
    5) Heteros are over the top gross and disgusting.
    6) I love movies that take place in 24 hours or less.
    7) Unprotected sex is really really bad.

    Well, I guess Harmony Korine taught me something, I LOVE EDUCATIONAL CINEMA!

  • Climax



    Volk but make it a feature film.