White Chicks

White Chicks ★★★

Prepare to go undercover. It has never been this deep before. When you have to take matters into your own skins; it is where everything starts to get complicated in one of the cult classics to rise up in the recent years.

Never was this something that interested me. If it wasn't for my partner then it would likely never be touched. None of the Wayans have ever done much to grab my attention. This didn't seem any different at all.

Shocked might be an understatement. Not for a second did I think any of this would be for me. Even with my partner assuring me that it is great. Or the adoration that has grown towards it. Just seemed pretty dumb.

I will be honest: the concept for this sounded incredibly stupid. It is that still; but the self awareness with the risky jokes and somewhat likeable characters. This had me laughing so much more than I could expect.

Not a great film by any means; but far from a terrible one. It is a really charming time in a weird way. If you are not left with a smile then you might have dozed off in the slower moments otherwise this is so warm.

Not even sure how much you could say about this. On the technical level this is not very good at all. But I cannot lie when I say it had me laughing and it could be a ridiculous sense of humour or the comedic timing here.

There has never been a better use of A Thousand Miles in a film. Or of Terry Crews going on a date with a black man undercover as a white girl. It's so stupid. None of this should work but it does and is still very timely.

For a film that could have come across extremely racist. It is impressive with how they balance that very thin line between promoting people of colour while taking advantage of them for the sake of humour. It works.

We might have been blessed with a world of artists such as Scorsese, Kubrick, Nolan, Cameron and many more. But you are not seeing any of them pull this out of their sleeve. And I don't see this being made today.

Many moments have you laughing out loud while there are parts that do move a little too slow. It does not need to be as long as it is but it is still a fun time. I guess I can be grateful to my girlfriend for forcing this on me.

It was a favourite for a late family member of my partner's and it only felt right to see what all the love was about in their honour too. Went into this with the fear of hating it and came out from truly a cinematic classic.

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