The Northman

The Northman ★★★★★

Revenge is the dish best served cold: Especially in the North. There has been a world of anticipation. So much about this sounded remarkable; almost too good to be true. But it became an all time cinematic marvel.

Robert Eggers is unstoppable. From his breakout work on The Witch to the mind bending experience of The Lighthouse. Many questioned if this was all he could do; and epic action wasn't in his wheelhouse of talents.

This is a masterpiece. It's not a word to throw around lightly. If you have seen many of my scores. Some of them have changed in time. But it is extremely rare to have a film strike so perfectly to be scored as this is.

Let me be clear: That's not to say it is one of the all time best. But for me: it was a flawless experience. From start to finish. Even when it started to slow down; tones were shifting, the story is riveting until the final blow.

Every single performance in this was exceptional. Some all time best. With scenes between these actors that will stay in your mind for years to come. Even when there was no dialogue, the tension was numbing.

When you first enter this world: it's hard to not feel cold and full of dread. It leaves you feeling trapped; with cinematography and sound design that transports you into this world like we've never seen before.

Eggers directed the hell out of this. It felt like the ultimate tour de force performance of his career thus far. It's only three films in, he is still young, and it makes the future from him so much more exciting.

If there were any flaws: It would be the dialogue. It was pretty difficult to understand at times. But not to the point that it hurt my feelings towards the film overall. It still has you very engaged until the credits.

It would be a shame to discuss this: and not mention everyone else. Nicole Kidman was haunting. Claes Bang was brutal. Anya Taylor-Joy was magnetic. Ethan Hawke and Willem Dafoe weren't in it enough.

There is the chance that my feelings towards this will change in time: these are very raw thoughts. Regardless on that; I still love this film. It is absolutely worth seeing, if you for some reason, haven't cared.

Shockingly enough: I didn't care a lot either. I was excited. But I never thought it would be as good as his previous films. But on an initial first viewing: this is a Robert Eggers that is only getting started. It's scary.

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