The Godfather

The Godfather ★★★★½

I've been meaning to watch this classic for awhile and I'm glad to say that I have now finally sat down through this entire film for the very first time, but what did I think of it once the credits started to roll?

I was slightly worried heading into this film, I was hoping that the universal praise that it gets wouldn't affect my first initial experience and for the most part - it really didn't as I found this to be an excellent film.

I personally think it deserves a second viewing but upon my first - I found it to be both intelligently and delicately crafted with incredible performances and a hauntingly memorable yet beautiful soundtrack.

This is regarded as one of the Greatest Movies of All Time for a reason and though, I didn't fall over absolutely loving this film - there's no denying the amount of care and passion that was put into this film by everyone involved - Remarkable piece of cinema.

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