Speak No Evil

Speak No Evil ★★★★

Strangers are not friends. Get out while you can. There is no better time. Or you will face a terrifying reality. Next time you receive a letter from the people you don't know to stay with them: Stay at home and watch a film.

Family is everything. Keep them close in the right place. Not the best idea to take them into uncharted grounds. Or you could be bringing them on the best holiday ever. One way to find out and learn to reject before then.

This has come up a few times. It was almost a sleeper hit last year. Never heard much initially until time went on and word spread. So much so that there is a remake in the works already. So I felt like this was calling to me.

These are not for a lot of people. But they scratch my itch. If it isn't all the building tension then it is the grounded family focus that has you caring for them; which only makes the anxiety worse as you fear what is coming.

One of those experiences that had me terrified throughout. None of it felt slow. Even when there were characters talking. Not a moment goes by in this where you feel safe. It has you feeling as unsettled as the main family.

When it came to the decision making in this. It is very rough. Not a thing that will work for most. Plenty of moments will frustrate to no end. And I get it. But these people still seemed real. Just too nice for their own good.

Not to mention the performances are outstanding. Some of the best from the last year. Sad to see they never received as much as they do deserve. Especially with the three languages bouncing between them for all of it.

So many want to avoid confrontation. Even myself. We don't want to make a scene. It feels wrong. Just seeing that awkward friendliness taken over with this gripping advantage that leads to extreme terror is very insane.

The first two acts will have you holding your breath until the final act ruins all your emotions. Not for the faint of heart at all. Be careful with this one. Because you might walk away wanting to cry more than anything else too.

Unforgivable movies have come and gone. Not always the best. But they are memorable. Or at least infamous. This will be one of them. Rewatch of this would take the horror to the next level as you know all that is to come.

Let me spare a moment too. The fact we have a remake of this coming as soon as next year blows my mind. Not a movie you'd want to experience again. And it isn't one that screams for a new adaptation. It is very weird.

We'll still have this at least. Go in with tissues or a padded vest. Storms do not even hit this hard. Completely hooked me until the very end but went away not wanting to think about it. This'll have you hating people more.

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