Shame ★★★

I feel conflicted about this one. I know I liked it. But I didn't love it. It felt like a very personal film. It's something that I wouldn't mind watching again. Because I'm still not exactly sure on my rating.

This film felt relatable in certain ways and to certain degrees to even myself. That's why I called it personal. Because it was to me. Not entirely. But in the ways that it was. It's something I haven't seen on film before.

It's not only a film about a man with a sex addiction. It's about a man being emotionally torn apart from the inside out. I felt this through Fassbender's performance. This is where I may sound confusing.

I didn't find the film very compelling. But I found Fassbender compelling. But you could argue that he was the film. He was the centrepiece. But that's genuinely how I felt. It was a good film. But it didn't draw me in.

Fassbender on the other hand. He gave a very impressive performance. I thought the way that he helped capture the emotional struggle within this man was outstanding. I'm not sure if I've seen him much better.

This wasn't only him though; there is credit due for Steve McQueen's directorial work. It was very good. I do not want to talk spoilers. But I will say. The impact felt in certain scenes was directed tremendously well.

It's an interesting film. It's like a character study of this man. I'm not entirely certain on the rating. I'm still taking time to process it all. But it's definitely a good film. I liked it.

In a way. I would say that this is an important film. You could say anything about addiction usually is. And it's true. There are heavy themes. Maybe not easy to watch for some. But it's one to see.

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