Scream ★★★★

Be careful what you watch. There is a killer on the loose. It is the film that helped shape and revitalize all of horror. Just when you thought it was safe to go out again. Screaming will be the first and last thing you'll do.

It is one that everyone has to have seen. For the pop cultural impact it has had on so much. Even with the excitement for the first film in the series after more than a decade just coming out this week in cinemas.

Wes Craven stamped himself again. Freddy is an icon. But for so many: Ghostface might be even better. Just capturing a new sense of fear that viewers never thought they had. Especially when the killer is anyone.

There are many films like this. In that it only is better on every viewing. First time seeing this. It was good but nothing special. But something about this makes it even more intensely entertaining each time seen.

Not much else was out there like this. With the perfect balance in scares and laughs. It is one of the definitive examples of having you laugh one second before you are jumping out of your seat the next.

It is not for everyone. Extremely over the top at times. Maybe will feel slightly dated for some. But the film remains so incredibly self aware that it only has you enjoying the over the top vibe of it even more.

One of the most lovable casts in the genre. Craven created something special here. Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott is iconic. David Arquette, Courtney Cox. It has 90s written all over it and I love it.

There is an entire library of horror gone without Scream. As a film that is influenced by so many before it, it only goes on to influence so many that are still coming out to this day. Craven, sir, you're a master.

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